Who Is In Charge Of MBTS’ Affordable Housing?


To the Editor,

Many residents might wonder that at this point, how did we get to a place that adding affordable housing at the State mandated rate, are we now faced with such a bogus project?

I have asked that question and have received multiple answers, there is an answer and the person in charge of overseeing the affordable housing inventory should hand in their resignation. 

The job description is clear, its straight forward, the interaction between the person in charge of overseeing the Town and State to meet the minimum required guidelines have been blatantly ignored. 

The person that holds this position has compromised an entire Town, it’s infrastructure, scale and ability to preserve its conservation land and safe drinking water. 

We can no longer say as a society, a community, a small Town although the burden should not fall on the shoulders of residents we didn’t know, we do now. 

Any Town can easily shift to a City. 

Manchester is a Town for a reason, not to exclude people, but for the sake of honoring what it has to offer which is a lot. 

All residents old and new can see what this Town holds, that we should respect, honor, and protect the pristine conservation land the many beaches, tidal inlets, wooded trails 

and the ability to walk to a Village and to schools. 

A small coastal town should not be punished with mass development by special interest groups or developers. 

Manchester-by-the Sea and any other Towns or cities should be able to stand by and be protected by their individual by-laws, embrace their communities and enjoy what’s left of their natural resources.

Towns don’t change on their own, the people who are in charge change them. And the people who are in charge take the time to make the changes. 

Once the changes are made you cannot reverse them, think about what you have enjoyed, experienced and cherished from living or spending time in this Town or on the North Shore. 

Why would anyone want to change what was given to us as a natural gift?

Sarah Pierce