When It Was Just About "The Boo!"


As the beloved holiday Halloween rapidly approaches, parents and children often debate the question: What age is appropriate for people to trick or treat?

Most people would probably agree that any time prior to age 13 is most likely appropriate.  However, isn’t the spirit of Halloween to dress up and be anyone else for a night? 

I think it is important to keep the tradition of fun for Halloween.  Costumes are one of the most essential and enjoyable parts of Halloween. 

This year, I am excited for my high school spirit week.  On Thursday, we get to dress up for Halloween in any costume we choose to wear in school.  This tradition, where students and teachers can come to school in their costumes, reminds me of the good times of my childhood.

Remember, when the only worries we had, were who we were going trick or treating with, where we would go, and what we would be?  What character, person, animal, would we transform into for a night, and which would be the best route to traverse?

I miss when this was my only worry.  This month has been particularly stressful as a senior, with college application deadlines looming, and the end of the quarter nearing. 

I remember being in sixth grade and my friend and I sat in her house planning our Halloween night almost two months before Halloween.  It was such a big event, especially because it was the first Halloween we could go around town by ourselves.  We sat for hours planning our route, deciding on the time we would be leaving, the time we would return, what to wear, and what candy we wanted. 

I think that although there is a technical age limit on trick or treating, and people over the height of five feet will most likely get judged for trick or treating around town, costumes are a great alternative for the childhood feel of Halloween.  I can’t wait to feel like my only worry is my costume for just a few hours in a day.  So perhaps you are never too old to enjoy this beloved and magical holiday after all.  Happy Halloween!

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