What Was Happening May 27, 2022


 90 Years Ago – 1932

With this number the Cricket enters upon its 45th volume.  Forty-four years is a long time to stick at one task, but the years have flown swiftly and the task for the most part has been a pleasant one.

Memorial Day came near ending in a tragedy with a serious and most unusual accident occurring on Union Street at about 6 p.m. when a loud explosion was heard and the plate glass front of three small stores in the new Nelson block came crashing into the street filling the street with millions of particles of shattered glass which fell as far as the sidewalk on the opposite side in front of the Manchester Trust Company.  A hasty examination disclosed the fact that a boiler in Devoe’s barber shop used for heating water by gas flame for use in the shop had exploded.

75 Years Ago – 1947

The work to be undertaken for the Town of Manchester, under the direction of Prof. Frederick J. Adams and Mr. Burnham Kelly, city planning consultants is as follows:  studies leading to the preparation of a Master Plan of physical development of the Town will be made.  This work will consist of the following elements:  a thorough survey of the town; presentation of the essential planning facts in the form of reports, charts and maps; analysis of data and preparation of recommendations regarding future development; and preparation of a Master Plan of the physical development of the town.

A home cooked supper featured the annual meeting of the Harmony Guild held Monday evening at the chapel of which Mrs. Alice Lees was re-elected president for the coming year.  About 85 were in attendance.

60 Years Ago – 1962

One of the most severe electrical storms in the memory of local residents hit the town last Saturday, causing electric power to be lost in the School Street section of town for about 14 hours.  The fire alarm system was knocked out of commission for a short period and made it necessary for local fire fighters to be summoned by phone to answer an alarm.

Repair trucks of the New England Tel. & Tel. Company were called out at 8:52 Wednesday morning by Manager Joseph Raftery when a report was received of a cable break at Summer and Forest Street.  Construction workers on Route 127, while digging stumps with a backhoe, severed a 500 pair cable.  Eight repair trucks and 10 to 12 men of the telephone company were busy at work immediately, repairing the damage.

45 Years Ago – 1977

The Sports Night Supper, under the sponsorship of the Boosters Club, was a tremendous success.  The supper was held at Memorial School on May 18, with the largest attendance ever.  After words of welcome by President of the Boosters, James St. Clair, Master of Ceremonies, Joe Hyland moved the long program along, introducing the coaches, who spoke about their seasons and introduced their players.

Brown’s Supermarket is the place to buy inexpensive plants this Friday, May 27.  The Memorial School 5th grade and the Seaside Garden Club will have its annual sale from the Greenhouse, 10 a.m. until all is sold (rain or shine).   The children have planted all kinds of vegetables, annuals, house plants and herbs.

30 Years Ago – 1992

Manchester remembered its dead from all wars with most fitting ceremonies on Monday, led by members of Amaral-Bailey Post #113 of the American Legion and Unit #113, the Legion Auxiliary.  Those who had made the supreme sacrifice while serving under our country’s colors were honored with prayers, salutes from the firing detail and the sounding of taps.

A reminder on “sticker-etiquette;” residents are requested to put their “bag and tag” stickers on the top item in their trash barrels or on the plastic bags containing trash, NOT on the lids of their barrels.  Our speedy trash collectors don’t have time to remove stickers from barrel tops.

15 Years Ago – 2007

A sincere thanks go out to all of the individuals who turned out to make The Manchester Community Centers Fourth Annual Community Cleanup a huge success.  Nearly 200 volunteers of all ages joined the effort to pick up garbage all over town.  Dozens of bags of trash were collected from Singing Beach, Masconomo Park, Black and White Beaches, the schools, Sweeney Park, Coach Ed Field, Tuck’s Point and the streets heading into the center of town.

Hikers on the Dug Hill Trail in the woods just east of upper Pine Street now enjoy a more comfortable experience.  On Sunday, the 29th of April, four volunteers for the Manchester-Essex Conservation Trust rebuilt the footbridge over the stream that flows from the hills west of Pine Street toward Maple Swamp.  The bridge, which had been constructed only seven years ago, had partially collapsed, as a result of decay of the support structure.

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