What Was Happening | May 20


90 Years Ago – 1932

By a 13 – 3 victory over Story High, last Saturday, Rockport climbed to undisputed possession of the lead of the Second Division of the Northeastern Massachusetts Conference baseball league.  The leaders have won four straight.

The fire department was called out Saturday morning for a brush fire at the Bishop Sherrill estate at Coolidge Point.  The Magnolia department also sent some apparatus.  The fire was extinguished with practically no damage.

75 Years Ago – 1947

Work is progressing satisfactorily on the Rip Rap wall at Singing Beach and another six weeks should find the job about finished, states John J. Rahil of Oxford, Penn. Foreman for the Larcourt Co., of New York City who have the contract for the job.

The shade trees on the streets of Manchester will be sprayed the fore part of next week.  Mr. Mark Edgecomb, Tree Warden, will supervise this work.  The spraying will be done by the Amalia Tree Surgeons, Inc. using the new Hartrey Atom Mist Blower equipment.  This is a revolutionary sprayer that uses air instead of water.

60 Years Ago – 1962

The Manchester Health Department has announced that the Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine “mop-up” will be held at the Memorial School on Monday, May 21 at 9:30 a.m.  This is for all children between the ages of 3 months and school age (seven years) who have not, as yet, had the Type One Vaccine.

A weather balloon from Hansom Field in Bedford was fished out of the sea near Baker’s Island Monday morning by Sherman Burnham and turned over to the police.  Air Force personnel from Bedford picked up the balloon with its instrument package.

45 Years Ago – 1977

On Bridge Street, there is a home which is becoming a curiosity for Manchester residents, along with other people who pass by.  In a town not known for its farms, the Rossi family have changed the old Winthrop place by adding two horses, two black Angus Cows, 73 chickens, three cats and two rabbits.

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nahatis of School Street, have returned from a seven-day expense paid excursion to Germany and Austria as the result of being one of the Outstanding Saladmaster Authorized Dealers in the United States.

30 Years Ago – 1992

A mock disaster drill has been planned for the evening of Tuesday, May 19 on Raymond St., Manchester Police and Fire Departments in conjunction with Dr. Brian Miller, Director of Emergency Services, Addison Gilbert Hospital and the Office of Emergency Preparedness have planned the exercise.

1066 of the town’s 3400 plus voters went to the polls Monday placing Michaelene Nichols and David Lumsden on the School Committee for three years, upsetting nine-year veteran and current chairman Joanne Graves.  Only a handful of reporters and interested voters were on hand at 8:40 p.m.  When Town Moderator Richard “Archie” Southgate read the results of the election.

15 Years Ago – 2007

Ben Brucone, a senior at St. John’s Prep and Matthew Comb, a senior at Manchester-Essex Regional High School spent a day cleaning, digging and planting the outside area of the Manchester Community Center.  This was done as part of their Community Service requirements.

On Sunday, May 13, a beautiful spring day, Erika Sonder guided a large group through Anne’s Woods, part of the Wilderness Conservation Area off upper Pine Street in Manchester.  Many spring wildflowers were identified.  The group also explored the new beaver dam along the Old Mill Dam brook that is keeping the water level in the swamp by Pine Street elevated.

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