Why Vote Yes on Article 13


To the Editor,
Why vote YES on Article 13? This petition serves to eliminate confusion, complete the record, and reaffirm the Town’s desire to protect the Open Space known as Powder House Hill Reservation. Based on what we know as of the time of this writing, Powder House Hill Reservation is likely protected under Article 97, but the Town doesn’t have complete records from Town Meetings many decades ago. Your vote to affirm or reaffirm the protection of the precious woods at the center of our Town can ensure their use by you, your neighbors, our children, their children, and future generations in-perpetuity.
Despite the claims of Robert Beatty’s OpEd piece in last week's Cricket, this petition has nothing to do with blocking plans for the expansion of affordable housing behind Newport Park. Why Mr. Beatty would make such an egregious assumption regarding the intent of this petition is simply misinformation and fear mongering. Land can still be swapped to expand Newport Park should this article pass Town Meeting. Powder House Hill Reservation is a wooded gem in the heart of our town that has been preserved and enjoyed for generations. Records show that prior Town Meetings have voiced support to protect this Open Space since at least 1913. What they saw as special over 100 years ago is still special today. Vote YES on 13!
Donna Furse