To the Editor,

Oh dear, “nasty and snide” -- interesting.  My letter included facts, and no commentary about people dedicating their time and energy to ensure smooth running of our town.  The spirit of my letter was to inform/educate relative to our town government run by laws designed to promote transparency.

If you found my writing style off-putting; I am not accountable for how anyone interprets words.  There was nothing about volunteers.  If local government is so lean it cannot abide by their own government laws there is a problem.

I am entertained by a group of words put together designed to insult and criticize an observation void of facts.  All said, mission accomplished - somehow resources were “found” to post meeting minutes after my letter.  Albeit completely outside a responsible time frame for citizens to contribute to topics discussed in the first three month of 2023.

And thank you Gary Gilbert for educating me about what happens when one makes an observation about how King MoonRacer runs his island. (Look it up!)

Bless your heart,

Christian Brown


media transparency, source, civil rights and liberties, human rights