Town Meeting Values Rage Against Election Steal Tyranny


To the Editor,

Yesterday's Town Meeting exemplified an HONEST FREE ELECTION.  Moderator Wilson wielded the authoritative gavel with transparent passion for freedom to speak and rules alike.  People reasoned and argued, sometimes critically but always civilly.  Every living citizen (the only ones there) knew that his vote was counted once.  Everything bespoke the life blood and foundation of our democratic republic.

 At the very same time, 200 miles away in a corrupt and fixed Manhattan court, the ruling party (Democrat plus special friends) is preparing to STAY IN POWER BY STEALING THE 2024 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.  Following years of scam persecution of Donald Trump and his prominent supporters, they have criminally indicted the leading opposition (Republican) contender.

Regardless of what you believe about who actually won the 2020 election or who tried to overturn it.  And regardless of whether you love or seriously hate Donald Trump.  The ruling party CANNOT GET AWAY WITH PERSECUTING POLITICAL OPPOSITION and destroying election integrity and our way of life like this!  That is what Banana republics and totalitarian regimes have done throughout history.  It has been building up for some time, but this "indictment" has just shown it blatantly.  No more – not here!  At core it’s all about "the Truth thing" as my daughter Debbie once put it in a different context.

You should be furious and very worried about this DESTRUCTION OF OUR ELECTION INTEGRITY and way of life and understand that THIS is the REAL crime – and that it is TREASON.  Those responsible for it – those pulling the strings or however—need to be held fully accountable.

  The beautiful school chorus singing the Star-Spangled Banner before the Pledge of Allegiance reminded me of the "perilous fight" for the "land of the free" and the "home of the brave" that brought us here.  And now crooked district attorneys and weaponized law enforcement are close to taking that away, maybe permanently.  Literally viciously slavering at the image of imprisoning and destroying Donald Trump, an innocent man.  They really are coming after us and Trump is indeed in their way!  And the tyranny has spread widely.

Somehow, perhaps aided by prayers – and maybe just a skosh of Divine Intervention --the values so obviously on powerful display at the Town Meeting yesterday can speak out and reach out far beyond Manchester-by-the-Sea.  To help protect and free Donald Trump – who is in real peril of jail this very day.  So, "we the people" can vote to make that decision in 2024 as the Constitution calls out.  It’s as simple as that.

Donald Schwartz


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