To That Lovely Couple: Thank You


To the Editor,

To the kind couple who stopped to help get my car un-stuck this past Wednesday, thank you!  I had headed out with the dog for a brief snowy lunchtime hike on the beautiful MECT trails.  While trying to park at the pullout for the Upper Pine Street trailhead, my little green car got stuck in the slushy muck, back bumper still poking out into the road.  A few minutes later I was standing outside the car contemplating my situation when a couple in a grey SUV pulled over and kindly asked if I needed help.  The gentleman then got out of his car, and with his one good PUSH on the front bumper, my car came free and I was backing gently out of the muck onto terra firma.

My sincere thanks to this couple who showed me once again the kindness of neighbors in this town!

Laura Tenny