To Team Players Everywhere and Anywhere!


To the Editor,

Manchester/Essex cheerleaders had the privilege to join the Cape Ann League Fall Cheerleading Championship, held Thursday night, November 3, 2022, at Pentucket Regional High School.  Although this is a familiar event for six of the seven high schools competing, it was the FIRST for Manchester/Essex.  I am so proud of these girls, for taking the challenge, knowing they had the least training of all.  It takes a lot of courage and confidence, aside from the skill, to go out on a limb, especially when you are in high school and feel everyone else is better than you.  So, BRAVO to the Hornets' cheers!  You are all winners!

On another note, every football team that had their cheer squad represented, came to cheer for and support their cheerleaders.  They sat in special seats near the competitors and brought flowers to personally hand out after the performance.  What a wonderful way to say thank you for all the games played when the cheer squad stayed out in the cold and rain and made sure their team was always supported!

That is, all except one, maybe the most important one, because when it's a first, and you're really nervous, and you could use a lot of support, I am disappointed that only two players from the Manchester/Essex Hornets football team came to support their cheers.......

Mickey Hersch

Beverly Farms

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