Tiny and Little


To the Editor, 

Here is an opinion in the form of a fable.

Many years ago there were two side-by side small villages, known as Little and Tiny.

In Little there was a young man who invented a useful product, and he asked the residents of Little to help him build a factory to make it.  They soon did so, and the factory employed some of the young women and men of the village, helped to support the village schools and the local hospital through good times and hard times. 

In the village of Tiny, there was another young inventor who created a wonderful product.  He asked to residents of Tiny to help build a factory but they argued that a factory would just create problems, that Tiny was too rich to need a factory, and that the land for the factory should be used for bowling-on-the-green.  The factory was never built and the village of Tiny suffered because its residents couldn’t find employment when times were hard.  The young inventor from Tiny set off to find a better place to live.  The cost of living in Tiny became so expensive that many of the old residents moved away as well. 

Gar Morse, Manchester