This Weekend, It’s the Gloucester Maritime Rendezvous


July 6 - 9, 2023

This weekend as part of Gloucester’s 400+ anniversary celebration, Maritime Gloucester will host a series of maritime history signature events that will include dory races, demonstrations, food and fun. 

First up is the 71st International Dory Race on Saturday, July 8, where Maritime Gloucester and The Gloucester International Dory Rowing Committee promise a weekend festival filled with once-in-a-lifetime maritime experiences.  The mid-summer event runs from July 6 to 9, during which the organization will host seven iconic vessels in Gloucester to celebrate the International Dory Race, commemorate the region’s schooner heritage, and engage the public with on-land, dockside, and under sail activities.

Bill Edmonds of the Gloucester International Dory Racing Committee said, “The International Dory Races are one of Gloucester’s best and longest maritime traditions. Although the competition is always front and foremost, this event is more than just a race. It is a 71-year tradition honoring the uncommon bond between two of the greatest historic fishing communities of the North Atlantic. It is a reminder of our shared values and legacy.”

He added, “When Maritime Gloucester came to us about expanding this year’s race into a weekend event for the 400th anniversary, it just made sense. Having Maritime Gloucester, the organizer of the Gloucester Schooner Festival each year, as a partner guarantees a fun weekend.”

Maritime Gloucester has received confirmation from visiting vessels Columbia, Pride of Baltimore II, and When and If.  Local schooners Adventure, Ardelle, Isabella, and Thomas E. Lannon will join in, welcoming the public with plenty of extra sailing, charters, and dockside viewing options.

A Weekend of Heritage on the Harbor was selected as the tagline because of the historic nature of this gathering.

“Think of it,” said De Koster, “we not only have the first leg of a great annual two-race international rivalry with the Dory Races, but we also have vessels from across the North American Eastern seaboard visiting to salute Gloucester, including Columbia from Florida, Pride of Baltimore II from Maryland, When and If from Salem. Each of these vessels recognize the special meaning Gloucester has for schooners and have taken the time to make this trip in honor of our history.”


Maritime Gloucester will be open to the public with their Gorton’s Seafood Schooner Gallery and the Maritime Science Education Center welcoming visitors with interactive activities each day, free to the public all weekend.

The Rendezvous weekend will be filled with opportunities for public sails, charters, and tours of the fleet from the water.  Additionally, the visiting vessels will be offering their own charters and public sailing schedule each day.

On Saturday, the International Dory Races will be front and center.  This 71-year-old event will be moved to the middle of the inner harbor with USCG Station Gloucester grounds open to the public for viewing of this race from 9:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.  From 10 a.m.-2 p.m., schooners at the I4C2 docks will be giving deck tours to the general public, a crowd-favorite event each year at the Gloucester Schooner Festival.

Information on visiting schooners, schedule of events, public tour and sailing options, are available on the Maritime Gloucester website and will be updated as more information is confirmed.  Info at

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