The Thank You Parade


With postponements and changes in the 375th Anniversary Celebration scheduled events, last week the Manchester 375th Committee announced two events that would both mark the town’s milestone during public safety distancing but also mark the incredible efforts of our community’s safety officials and first responders. 

First was the evening “light ups,” which started Saturday night with residents lighting up their porches with decorative holiday lighting until 10 p.m. as a nightly town-wide reminder to the community that, “we are strong together.”  They’ll also be a consistent sign of appreciation to first responders and essential workersa show of community and support for family and friends as we all struggle in these uncertain times. 

But on Wednesday morning (which happens to be National Nurses Day), a vehicle parade around town to publicly thank essential workers who go to work each day in these difficult times.  The parade will be in the early morning to co-inside with the changing of the shifts for the Manchester Police Department and Manchester Fire Department.  Anyone interested should drive to the upper parking lot at the MERHS (Arbella Street lot) between 7:20 and 7:45 a.m.  Children are asked to stay in their cars when in the parking lot and, if adults get outside their cars they are asked to please use masks.  Signs and or balloons to their cars when in the lot.  At that point, the parade will end. 

Can’t join the parade but live along the route?  Come out to your front steps, porch or driveway and wave to those in the parade.  The committee asks that residents please remember social distancing. 

Hope to see you light up the town and be part of the THANK YOU Parade on May 6th,” said Tom Kehoe, co-chairman of the Manchester 375th Committee. 

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