Tanglewood Marionettes PTO Enrichment Program


Tuesday, April 26, the Tanglewood Marionettes visited Manchester Memorial Elementary School to perform for the second and third graders.  The Tanglewood Marionettes is a touring theater with beautifully hand-crafted marionettes, vibrant sets and animated sounds.  The talented, two-person show was a wonderful theatrical experience for our students and teachers. 

The puppeteers performed the Chinese folklore, The Dragon King, which tells the story of a horrible drought that has overtaken the land.  The Dragon King is the ruler and people are wondering why he has not brought rains to them.  Luckily, a fearless grandmother travels to the bottom of the sea searching for him and seeking answers as to why he abandoned their land.  The show ended with the colorful Dragon King marionette entering the audience and spraying all the students with water! 

Students were able to ask the puppeteers questions about their work.  They learned that the average marionette has 13 strings and that the voices are pre-recorded by actors but the puppeteers mouth the words to stay on cue. The students were mesmerized by the exciting adventure and a standing ovation was held for the performers.  This Enrichment program was made possible by the Memorial PTO. 

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