Support Jamie Belsito for State Representative


To the Editor,

We have an opportunity on November 30 to elect a new state representative to advocate for our town who will vote on such important matters as education, healthcare, access to voting and many other issues. The state's action on these affects us all in many areas of our lives.

We urge you to vote for Jamie Belsito based on her extensive experience and her dedication to improving the lives of people in our communities.  Her experience is described at:

She has worked to obtain state and federal funding for local programs, educational and maternal health resources, improve funding for elder services and provide many other essential services to our area.  She is committed to continue this work as well as addressing local impacts of climate change (e.g., flooding in Manchester continues to be a problem), expanding mental health resources and working on other important issues. A brief description of her priorities is at:

At this busy time of year, please take a minute to consider how state actions affect all of us so you can cast your vote on November 30.  This is an important step towards improving our community and state.

Kathy and Peter Burns

Michele Kulik


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