Stop Forced Needle Injections Into Little Children


To the Editor,

The BOH November 12 "Mask Mandate" letter is preparing people for forced vaccination of little children, its clear (last paragraph) intent.  On November 5 Dr. Halm wrote " the mask mandate is purely based on protecting the still vulnerable parts of the population" because one is "not yet protected until they can be vaccinated."  On November 12 the BOH 4th bullet states "Fully vaccinated individuals have the potential to infect others once infected themselves".  Good grief!  Who is being protected from who and what is the vaccine doing?  A clue comes from the likes of crime ravaged Chicago-wrecking major Lori Lightfoot who has been forcing police to get jabbed to "protect" the poor dumb brutes if they want to keep their jobs.  The second compelling reason is so the vaccinated people can't catch COVID from unvaccinated police and get sick or die. Sound familiar? See who the bad guys are? 

The November 12 BOH letter is pitched as a comprehensive educational "trust us" document.  But it stunningly omits any reference to natural immunity as a vital partner in the battle, instead referring to those citizens who decided to trust their natural immunity and not be vaccinated as "selfish", "mindless" and "impulsive".  Natural immunity has been around long before Ally Oop caught his first cold and Alma nursed him through it with dinosaur lard. It is built to prepare for variants and has flexibly fought off many new flu variants (this is not smallpox or the bubonic plague).  Many people simply made personal judgments that their own natural immune systems would give stronger and more versatile protection than the vaccines and maybe be safer.  After Delta there will probably be Gamma, and then Epsilon...and then a new vaccine and booster after booster, all trying to emulate the natural immune system but greatly weakening it.  But the "scientific studies" and "public health data" apparently trusted by the BOH are riddled with contradictions and false premises, not to mention lies, evident to anyone who really looks deeply and honestly into those studies and their underlying premises and sampled populations.

A tragedy of our times is that even major medical and scientific institutions have been politicized and can no longer be blindly trusted.  MBTS must rely on its American common sense and traditional reverence for truth, personal freedom and local governance.  The rock and foundation.   The health and COVID situation in MBTS must be handled independently by the town itself, not corrupted by very bad ideas with copycat one-size-fits-all formulas from failed states far away and very different.  The zealous jabbers will come for the little children, and for the police, unless what is starting to smack of some pretty deep bad stuff is confronted.  We are talking now of needles forced into trusting little bodies that permanently implant things with unknown future effects, folks—not a removable mask.  Trust your common sense and don't be shamed or intimidated.

Donald Schwartz, MD


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