Senior Highlights January 7, 2022


There’s a lot set to happen with the Council on Aging (COA) in the coming weeks. Check them out here, and for further information on any of these great trips or to reserve your seat on the van, please call 978-526-7500.

Yum, It’s The Depot Diner

On Wednesday, January 12, the Manchester Council on Aging is offering a trip to the Depot Diner in Beverly for a delicious meal.  The restaurant serves breakfast all day with delicious offerings of pancakes, french toast, omelets and more.  Its lunch offering is just as wonderful, with choices from salads, wraps, burgers and more.  All reasonably priced.  And we’ve been told liver and onions will be on the menu.  This trip is limited to 12 seniors.  The van will start picking up seniors around 11 a.m.  Return is expected around 1 p.m.  For further information or to reserve your seat, please call the COA.


To The Malls

On Friday, January 14, the COA van is going to the Peabody and Danvers malls.  Seniors can choose between the North Shore Mall or Liberty Tree Mall.  The van will start picking up seniors around 10 a.m.  Call the COA office for information or to reserve your spot.


A Mystery To Us All

On Wednesday, January 19, it’s the monthly COA ride to a mystery destination.  Wow.  The van driver heads for an undisclosed establishment somewhere on the North Shore.  It could be ice cream, pastries, sandwiches or all of the above and only the van driver knows!  A little hint will be given, so all can be prepared!   Pick-up begins at 12 p.m., with a return by 2 p.m.  Don’t call the COA office for more info (remember, it’s a mystery) but please contact the office to reserve a spot. 

Off To Trader Joe’s, And Walmart

On Friday, January 21, the COA will go to the Trader Joe’s, Burlington Coat Factory, and T.J. Maxx shopping area, as well as Walmart (which is up the street on Route 114).  The van will start picking up seniors around 10 a.m.  Further information or to reserve your seat on the van, please call the COA office.  Masks are required.

Christmas Tree Shops

On Wednesday, January 26, the COA van is headed to the Christmas Tree Shops.  Pick up starts around 10 a.m., and expect a return to Manchester around 12:30 p.m.  For further information or to reserve your seat on the van, please call the COA.

King’s, In Lynnfield

The COA will take a trip to King’s at Market Street in Lynnfield on Friday, January 28.  Come and enjoy a delicious lunch, play pool and arcades, or try your luck at ten-pin bowling.  Lots of fun to be had at King’s in Lynnfield.  The COA van will begin to pick up at 11 a.m.  Contact the COA office about cost or to register.


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