Scott Energy Celebrating 75 Years in Business


Scott Energy, a leading local home heating and cooling provider, is proud to be celebrating 75 years in business.  At the time of its founding in the spring of 1946, the company – then called Scott Oil Co. – consisted of one man and his oil truck.  During Ed Scott Sr.’s first year in business, he delivered 50,000 gallons and conducted service out of the trunk of his car.

All these years later, Scott Energy Co. has remained in the hands of the Scott family.  Although there have been a few changes in the three-quarters of a century since its initial founding (like the company’s name) Bill and Ed Jr., Ed Sr.’s sons, have kept the priorities and driving mission of the company exactly the same.  Differentiating itself through the high quality of its customer service and care, Scott Energy is also an industry leader in product and system innovation, an example of which lies in its support of the ecofriendly Bioheat® home heating oil.  

It is also an active member of the communities it serves and regularly supports a myriad of charitable organizations, nonprofits and community groups.  Continuing on the tradition of family-quality service, Bill’s sons, Adam and Taylor, have assumed managerial positions within the company and are its future leaders.

“We are all proud of how far Scott Energy has come over the past 75 years,” said Bill Scott.  “A lot has changed, but the focus here is the same: superior service. We are as committed now, as ever before, to developing strong and lasting relationships, earning and maintaining trust and going the extra mile for our customers.”

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