Santa’s Tour Of Manchester


The traditional tour of Manchester-by-the-Sea by Santa Claus will occur on Sunday, December 12. This will probably be the last public appearance by Santa prior to returning to the North Pole and resting for his big around-the-world trip the evening of December 24. 

Santa will ride, escorted by engines from the Manchester Fire Department, and visit all parts of the town.  Listen for the siren and come out to the curb to see Santa.  He will have boxes of animal crackers for all of the youngsters in town. Santa’s tour will leave the fire station at noon.

If you would like to see Santa early, please gather in front of the fire station about 11:50 a.m. that morning.  You can see Santa early in the tour, give him a letter or give him some cookies and send him off on the tour with a big wave and cheer. 

The tour of the town is co-sponsored by the Seaside Fireman’s Club of the Manchester Fire Department and the Amaral Bailey Post # 113 of the American Legion.  This year’s trip around town makes over 65 years of giving to the community sponsored by these two organizations.

Santa’s Route is as follows: 

Leave the fire station at noon and proceed to Central Street, turn right on Elm Street, travel Elm Street and Saw Mill Circle and return to Central Street.  Turn right on Central Street to Bennett Street; Bennett Street to the end and turn left on Bridge Street. Bridge Street to Pine Street, Pine Street to Newport Park and go around Newport Park and back to Pine Street, Pine Street to Woodholm Road and Woodcrest Road and return to Pine Street.  Pine Street to Walker Road and Highwood Road and return to Pine Street.  Travel Pine Street to Crooked Lane to Rockwood Heights Road to the end.  Turn right on Pine Street to Moses Hill Road and then return to Pine Street to Pleasant Street.   Turn left on Pleasant Street to Old Essex Road. Old Essex Road to the Plains and around the Plains.  Turn right on Old Essex Road to Blue Heron Lane. Return to Old Essex Road and follow it to the end.  Return to Pleasant Street and follow Pleasant Street to School Street.  Turn right on School Street, School Street to Lincoln Street, Lincoln Street to Norwood Avenue, Norwood Avenue to Vine Street, Vine Street to School Street, School Street to Burnham Lane to Sumac Lane and Friend Street.  Return to School Street, to Brook Street, Brook Street to Norwood Avenue.  Follow Norwood Avenue to Desmond Avenue, Desmond Avenue to School Street, School Street to North Street to Norwood Avenue.  Turn left on Norwood Avenue and follow Norwood Avenue to Brook Street.  Turn right on Brook Street and follow to Summer Street.  Turn left on Summer Street to Harold Street, Harold Street to Forest Street, Forest Street to Loading Place Road to the end.  Return to Forest Street to Ledgewood Road to Birch Street to Ancient County Way.  Follow Ancient County Way to Forest Street and out to Summer Street.  Turn left on Summer Street to Hickory Hill Road, go around Hickory Hill Road and back to Summer Street.  Summer Street to Raymond Street, Raymond Street to Magnolia Square and return to Summer Street.  Turn right on Summer Street to Blynman Circle.  Go around Blynman Circle and return to Summer Street.  Follow Summer Street to Ocean Street, travel Ocean Street to Summer Street and then to Sea Street.  Follow Sea Street to Tappan Street to Beach Street.  Turn left as Santa “spins the beach” and then returns to the fire station via Beach Street, Union Street and School Street.  Arrival back at the fire station about 2:15 to 2:30 p.m.

So, listen for the fire truck siren on Sunday, December 12 and come out to the sidewalk to see Santa and welcome him to your neighborhood as he tours the town looking for all children young and old.

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