Santa Rides In Essex


The traditional tour of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus went off Sunday in Essex without a hitch.  Our guess is it was one of the last public appearances by the couple before they return to the North Pole to rest up for Santa's big around-the-world trip on December 24. 

Or at least that what the kids figured.

The parade this year through Essex was short and sweet, and the "guests of honor" were ferried by boat, or at least a trailered boat that drove around town tot he delight of young residents all over.

The tour was part of Essex's holiday program, that this year included Light Up Essex, a contest of display lighting that local businesses take great pride in pushing to their limits.  Residents get in on the fun too.  This year, organizers hosted a virtual portion of the event, with a drawing contest for children.  The entire program was, for this year, part of the Cape Ann Winter Lights Festival.