Rotary, Sustainability Committee, and DPW Launch Free 'Starter' Composting Kit Program


Manchester residents and businesses that don't already get their compost picked up at the curb along with their trash and recycling can receive a free Starter Kit.

The program is jointly offered by the Manchester-Essex Rotary Club, the Manchester Sustainability Committee and the Department of Public Works.  For those who register for a kit, the Rotary will deliver the Starter Kit to homes and businesses.

Starter Kit

- green 13 gal trash bin with wheels

- countertop container with filter to reduce odor

- Bio-bags for container and/or bin

How to Compost

1. Put a countertop composting container on your kitchen counter near your sink

2. Put a green decomposable bio-bag in the container so that the container stays clean

3. Fill the container with any kind of food scraps (meat, dairy, veggies, bones, fruit, and pizza boxes)

4. When the countertop bin is full, put the full bio-bag into the green bin

5. On the day when you bring your trash and recycling to the curb, just roll your green compost bin there as well

To receive a Starter Kit, send an email to ( with your name and address.  Supplies are limited.

Composting is good to do because:

- it saves you money because you aren't putting food scraps in your garbage anymore

- It saves the town money (because it reduces the amount of, and the weight of the garbage that we pay to dispose of)

- it provides compost that turns into nutrient-rich loam (dirt) which town residents can pick up for free at the town's transfer station

- it is good for the environment because the heavy food scraps aren't being trucked to an incinerator or landfill

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