Rockport's Mercury Gallery Opens "No Words" June


The works of artist Deborah Epstein will be featured at Rockport's Mercury Gallery this month in a show, "No Words: Medications on Being Stalked and Stabbed."

The show will open Saturday, June 15 with an opening event with the artist from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

The series of 11 prints that explore the artist's traumatic experience with an ex-boyfriend.

“When I was 21 my ex-boyfriend tried to kill me,” says Epstein. “What remains from that time, over forty-five years ago, are three scars on my scalp; a two-inch-thick file of my father’s phone notes, court documents, and correspondence; anger and a deep lack of trust in the systems that are supposed to protect….I call the piece No Words, in part because in that two-inch thick file there are so many words--my father’s, the school’s, the lawyers’, the court’s--but none of them is mine.”

In a series of hand-manipulated screen prints, Epstein reclaims the narrative from which she was largely excluded.  Though Epstein’s attack took place in the 1970s, the frustrations and injustices remain relevant today.