Republican State Committeeman Candidate - Michael J. Scarlata


To the Editor,

Every four years during the Presidential Primary, which is slated for Tuesday March 5, 2024, each Senatorial District elects a Republican State Committee Man and Woman.  This also happens on the Democrat side.  In Massachusetts we have 40 Senatorial districts.  The Massachusetts Republican State Committee is the governing body of the Republican Party in Massachusetts.  

Eighty members of the State Committee play a key role in Building the Republican Party in their districts by recruiting candidates, helping with fundraising, registering new voters and growing the local Republican City and Town Committees in the district. 

The First Essex and Middlesex district consists of 17 towns and two cities.  Manchester by the Sea, Essex, Rockport, Gloucester, Ipswich and Hamilton are among the towns that make up the First Essex and Middlesex district.  

The main goal of the Republican State Committee is to elect Republicans at the local and state level.  In recent elections, Republicans in our district have lost three State Representative seats.  We have 200 Legislatures on Beacon Hill, of which only 28 are Republicans.  I am sure you will agree that the one-party rule in Massachusetts simply doesn’t work.  No checks and balances.  I am running for Republican State Committeeman because we simply need to stop the hemorrhage of Republican losses.  I have managed and volunteered for a number of Republican candidates in our district and throughout the state. I know what it takes to get our Republican candidates elected.  I am determined to build each of our Republican city and town committees.  The committee members are the political activists that candidates need in order to be successful.  If you are a Republican or an Unenrolled voter who requests a Republican ballot, I respectfully ask for your vote on March 5, 2024. Please visit my website at

Michael J. Scarlata