Plimoth Patuxet visits Manchester Memorial Elementary School


On November 9, Manchester Memorial Elementary conducted its first in-person enrichment program since the beginning of COVID.  

With the support of the Manchester Memorial PTO, the first, second, and third grade classes were able to enjoy a presentation from Plimoth Patuxet.  The students were able to gather in small groups in the beautiful, brand new school project rooms.  

The Plimoth Patuxet Educators were dressed in traditional pilgrim attire and captivated their audience. They spoke about their experience traveling on the Mayflower from England to America and described the rough waters, the cramped spaces and the long journey (over 2 months!).  Our presenters discussed in-depth how they used to speak, eat, play, write and dress 400 years ago.  During the presentations, some students were able to participate in hands-on activities: writing with a feather, “Laying the Board” (aka setting the table), and playing traditional games.  Other students were able to view an original Bible written in Dutch and touch artifacts from the pilgrims' lives.  

The students were enthralled at the many differences from how we live today.  They were engaged and very respectful of the Educators.  It was a wonderful day at Memorial!

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