Philbrick For Manchester Planning Board


To the Editor,

Occasionally there is a candidate for office who is uniquely experienced, trustworthy, and open-minded.  We are fortunate to have such a person in Susan Philbrick running for Planning Board.  Her experience as a Federal Prosecutor, attorney, and long-time citizen of our town all contribute to her preparedness and capabilities as a candidate.  Those strengths were displayed at the last Town Meeting, when Susan presented the Planning Board’s proposed Adult Entertainment zoning By-Law. She succinctly explained the importance of adding the By-Law and then listened with an open mind to a proposed amendment.  The Article, as amended, passed easily, with 192 yes and only 8 no votes. 

The Planning Board deals with complex and sometimes controversial issues.  We need Susan to study, analyze, and present well-reasoned Planning Board issues to the Town.

Garlan and Jody Morse


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