Pet(s) of the Week: Panchito & Rocky


Panchito and Rocky here.  We are two very sweet senior guys, looking for our forever home.  Change can be tough, but we are thankful for a second chance and happy we get to stay together as a bonded pair.  We were originally surrendered down South when our owner had to move internationally for work and couldn't bring us along.  We were adopted as puppies and had been together all of our whole lives that's why we want to stay together.  Our rescuers said; "The pair made the transition into rescue well; they are very friendly with other dogs and have had nice manners.  They are leash and house trained and love to cuddle!"  If you have space in your home and heart for two guys, consider adopting Panchito and Rocky today!  They still have lots of love to give.  Because of their age and size both pups are considered “special needs,” mainly due to typical aging.  Panchito has some glaucoma in his left eye, it's possible he could need a dental in the future and Rocky has some non-painful Luxating Patellas.  We like other dogs but would do best in a home with no cats!

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