Pet Of The Week: Play Fetch With Madi


Madi is a sweet and clever girl.  She has learned to play fetch with a tennis ball and is working on potty training.  She loves to lie down in sunlight, whether it is a sunny patch of floor in the house by a window or on a wooden deck in the backyard when the sun is out.  Madi really loves being outside.  Madi also loves twigs and branches.  Madi loves chasing sticks as well as picking up large branches during a walk.  The simplest toy that gives Madi a lot of pleasure is a pine cone - she can entertain herself for a while batting around a pine cone on a hardwood or tiled floor in the house.  Madi rarely barks and is very curious about other dogs and people as well.  She would do well in a home with a family that is experienced with puppies and can help her complete her crate training, potty training, and good manners.  Madi also enjoys lying on the couch with her humans and will gleefully sleep on your bed pillows if you let her.  Madi is a wonderful snuggler.

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