Pet of the Week: Help Her Out of Her Shell


Meet Peanut, a lovely 5-year-old cat who is looking for her forever home.  While she may be a bit timid and shy, she has a heart of gold and is incredibly gentle when given space.  Peanut may startle easily, but with patience and love, she is sure to come out of her shell and show her sweet personality.  Peanut is a well-behaved cat who consistently uses her litter pan for urination, but she prefers to do her business outside of the pan for bowel movements.  With a bit of guidance and patience from her new family, perhaps she can learn to use the litter pan consistently.  Despite her shyness, Peanut is a wonderful companion and will make a loyal and loving addition to any home.  She loves to curl up in a cozy spot for a nap and enjoys playing with toys once she feels comfortable.  Peanut is also a great listener and loves to snuggle up near her humans while they read or watch TV.  If you are looking for a sweet and gentle companion to add to your family, Peanut may be just the cat for you.  With a little patience and understanding, she is sure to thrive in her new home and bring joy to everyone she meets.

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