On The Waterline


Greetings boaters.  It’s December, and there’s a lot going on to report from the Harbormaster’s office in Manchester right now.  Let’s get to it.

Dinghy and Kayaks: Cut Off Here For Town Racks

Dinghy and kayak owners, you must remove your vessels from town racks and docks. December 1 is the cutoff date. Any dinghy or kayak owner who fails to remove their vessel at the appropriate time will lose privileges for next year.

Update On Harbor Projects

Phase II of Tuck’s Point will begin with a survey of conditions around the rotunda. Re-placement of dilapidated pilings and raising the facility to protect it from storms and sea rise are the goal.

Grants for Phase II of the Reed Park Transient docks are under review, Final word on awards and funding will be announced in February and if successful will pay all costs for Phase II.

The Fishermen’s Facility project grinds on with final proposed design still to come.

The cost estimate for the next dredging project will be revised up from $3.4 million, new estimates will be shared once received.

Harbor Master Plan

Much like a master plan for the town a master plan is used by many communities to chart a course for the future planning and management of a harbor. Use of Manchester Harbor has increased and the ways in which it is used have changed over the last decade. Several residents have promoted the development of a plan for Manchester. Urban Harbors Institute (UHI) is a leading provider of guidance in the development of master plans for Massachusetts harbors. UHI will provide a proposal for this project. The timeline for a harbor master plan is between twelve and twenty-four months.

Santa Claus Is Coming!

Saturday, December 3 at 1 p.m., Masconomo Park.  Be there!

Harbormaster Hours

Harbormaster office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Wednesday.  Hours will vary depending on training, Safe Boating classes and meetings.  Feel free to call before coming to the office.  

Finally, be vigilant and notify the harbormaster of any missing or off station aids to navigation.  The latest Manchester Harbor Rules and Regulations are posted on the Harbormaster website.

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