Olney and Philbrick For Planning Board



To the Editor, 

I’m writing to urge Manchester residents to vote on May 16 for Chris Olney and Susan Philbrick for Planning Board. 

Serving as Town Clerk for over 20 years showed me the importance of having town board members with knowledge and experience, whether they’re elected or appointed.  Both Chris and Susan have very decidedly brought these attributes to their positions on the Planning Board.

Born and raised in Manchester, Chris has an extensive professional background as a planner.  The depth of knowledge this gives him is an important asset to the town.  He’s someone who always listens to both sides of a question and values all opinions.  He’s thoroughly committed to serving the town and works tirelessly on the boards he represents.  I serve on the Affordable Housing Committee with Chris and am in awe of his diligence and unfailing pragmatism.

Consistent with Susan’s background in the U.S. Attorney’s office, she’s someone who’s fair-minded and analytical.  She’s a strong communicator and is committed to transparency.  Susan was appointed to the Planning Board in an interim capacity earlier this year and has shown that she’s very deserving of election to a full-term position.

Both candidates are running solely because they love our town.  They have no hidden agenda. 

I urge Manchester residents to go to YouTube and watch 1623 Studios’ coverage of the recent Meet the Candidates forum, which I think you’ll find informative and eye-opening.  And then, please vote on May 16 for Chris Olney and Susan Philbrick.

Gretchen Wood


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