New Energy Flows: 39th Annual Cape Ann Open Studios Tour Just One Month Away


It’s right around the corner. 

Literally, you can walk or drive down the street or up the highway and enjoy some of the most engaging artists in the region. 

It’s the 39th year of the Cape Ann Artisans Open Studio Tour, and 16 artists spread across 15 studios are looking forward to welcoming art lovers from near and far.

This year’s tour welcomes three new Artisans all based in Gloucester: John Abisamra, photographer, on Carrigan Court; Rebecca Anne Nagle, painter and mixed media artist located in the Cripple Cove Studios; and Melody Phaneuf, painter located on Centennial Avenue.  The new artists have brought exciting energy to the tour and also complement the genres of art that can be experienced.

Here are a few artist highlights about their work:

Deb Schradieck was recently interviewed for Cape Ann ARTWaves on 1623 Studios.  She is a prolific painter who has done sketches and paintings her entire life and recently added street scenes to her portfolio.  Deb and Jon Abisamra are part of a trio that launched the new Gallery One in Rockport.  Jon Abisamra said, “My real passion is to capture the beauty of Cape Ann and its magical light through my camera.  I try to capture the uniqueness each season brings.  Photography for me is all about capturing a moment in time which may never be repeated.  My real studio is the great outdoors.”

Melody Phaneuf shares: “I appreciate looking at things, particularly old, tarnished, abandoned things.  Objects are combined, arranged, rearranged, discarded.  All the parts are judged for their role in the design and expression of idea. “

Pam Stratton continues to expand her repertoire with encaustic wax and glass.  She recently completed a work reminiscent her of her time in Ravenna, Italy.  She carved into a field of blue wax to inlay multicolored stars in her piece called Ravenna Dreams.  Pam has also started a new line of jewelry incorporating glass threads that she pulls using the shards from her mosaic works.

Sinikka Nogelo recently made a piece called “Hidden Treasures” for The Experimental Group of Rockport Art Association & Museum.  The piece honoring the late Jacki Harrington combines two disciplines, sculpture and painting.  Nogelo has rolled two paintings that evoke the beauty of the outdoors into a richly textured cylinder, inside of which is a surprise fashioned from recycled paintings—a flower in full bloom.

Artisans are always expanding their collections and finding new ways to get work into the hands of patrons.  The tour is “self-guided” with 15 individual stops to visit with 16 artisans.  The CAA encourages visitors to do some advance planning to maximize their visit by using the brochure and map, available at key spots and online.  Pick up a brochure at the Greater Cape Ann Chamber, North of Boston CVB on 95 South, Stage Ft. Park Visitors Center, and local banks. 

Here are the participating artists, in alphabetical order:

John Abisamra – Fine Art Photography

David Archibald – Ceramic Arts – Porcelain & Stoneware

Cynthia Curtis – Ceramic Arts - Stoneware

Rob Diebboll – Painting – Oil & Watercolors

Jacqueline Ganim DeFalco – Sea Glass Jeweler

Deborah Gonet – Painting – Mixed Media

Rebecca Anne Nagle – Painting and Mixed Media

Sinikka Nogelo – Painting & Sculpture – Experimental Arts

Melody Phaneuf – Painter

Scott Place and Erin O'Sullivan – Ceramic Arts

Marcie Rae – Fine Jeweler

Deb Schradieck – Painting – Oil & Watercolor

Sallie Strand – Painting – Abstract

Pam Stratton – Mosaics

Sara Wright – Fiber Arts – Handwoven & Knit Accessories 


 The 39th Annual Cape Ann Artisans Open Studios

Gloucester and Rockport

Spring Tour: Saturday, June 4 – Sunday, June 5 or leave a message at 978-546-6186

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