My grandchild is graduating…What in the world can I give them?


Years ago, it might have been a fancy pen set, a watch, or a briefcase.  But times change, and so do the tokens of our affection.  What will be forever meaningful to your graduate long after the watch breaks, the pen set is lost, or the briefcase is out of fashion?  The answer, of course, is … you.

We all know what it’s like to feel as if we are forgetting a loved one’s voice.

We’ve saved voicemails for many years, downloading them to our desktops as our computers’ most precious cargo.  Wouldn’t you love to have a video, audiotape, or journal of your grandparents talking to and about you and what you have meant to them?  Imagine being able to access the words, faces, expressions, and maybe even the voices of your loved ones with their graduation wishes and so much more. 

This gift can be as simple or sophisticated as you choose and can be whatever you want.

There are professional videographers locally who can produce a very polished product for you.  Alternatively, your family may explore this as an opportunity to sit down, draw up a list of questions or topics, and create a family heirloom.  Some ideas include a simple smartphone video with a happy graduation wish and a few “pearls of wisdom” for the future; an interview with your loved ones, asking them to describe their own high school or college graduation and what it meant to them; or something like, “What do you wish you had been told at that point in your own life, and what words of wisdom do you have to share?”

It’s important to acknowledge that completing the project independently may be challenging for some seniors.  A family member can help facilitate the project by helping with technology, conducting interviews, or organizing materials.  Whether it’s a professionally produced video or a family DIY project, the gift of capturing these precious moments will be cherished for generations to come.

Our relationships and memories are our most cherished possessions.

How I wish I had four or five of these videos from key people in my life.  I would grab these in a fire (after my dog).  Using everyday technology to capture these special moments only makes sense.  A card gets put in a box or a desk, and there it sits. It’s nice and comforting as time moves along.  However, seeing your loved ones talk about you (memories from kindergarten, sporting events, middle and high school), sharing their pride in watching you grow, and hearing their wishes for your future (maybe even a lesson or two) … is entirely different.  There is no greater gift. As they say in the film industry… Take one, action!