Montserrat Celebrates Commencement for Class of 2023


Montserrat College of Art held the Class of 2023 Commencement ceremony at the Cabot Theater in Beverly earlier this month.  The Class of 2023 and their guests were welcomed into the Cabot to celebrate the accomplishments of the 74 graduates.  Additionally, the ceremony was live streamed so loved ones not in attendance could watch from home.

Students elected Gabrielle Casella to be their student speaker, and Professor Hannah O’Neal as the faculty speaker.  The keynote address was delivered by Paige Braddock, the Eisner-nominated artist and writer behind Jane’s World as well as the Chief Creative Officer at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates.  Braddock was awarded an honorary doctorate, which was presented to her by Montserrat’s Director of Exhibitions and Galleries Lynne Cooney.

Interim President Brian Pellinen, Interim Dean of Services and Programs Jesse Kahn, and Montserrat Board Chair Mercedes Sherrod Evans also delivered remarks.

Braddock closed out her speech with some direct advice for the students: “Be attentive. Take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, even if they’re a little scary. There is no true success without risk, and when you fail, don’t be so hard on yourself. Support each other, encourage each other, be brave… and whatever your medium is, keep creating.”

Following the ceremony, the graduates and their guests returned to Montserrat’s Hardie Building to view the “All Senior Show” on display at Montserrat Gallery.

Montserrat College of Art is a private, residential college of visual art educating the designers, artists, entrepreneurs for a rapidly changing world that requires creative solutions to new challenges. At the intersection of art, design and technology, the college offers three international programs, 12 concentrations and a required internship program. Montserrat alumni are employed by some of the country's biggest brands including Disney, Puma, Hasbro and more.

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