MMES Observes Memorial Day


Last Friday, MMES students and staff continued a long-standing tradition of observing the upcoming Memorial Day, for the first time on the new school grounds.  Students and staff gathered in silence in front of the school and welcomed local MBTS veterans to raise the flag in honor of Memorial Day.  After a beautiful rendition of "This Flag Is Your Flag" sung by the school chorus, Principal John Willis spoke about how important Memorial Day is particularly at Manchester Memorial Elementary School, which was named in honor of local men who served on behalf of our country.  Anna Sergi played Taps at the end of the ceremony which included a speech by School Committee member Matt Harrington about what Memorial Day is all about.  At the end of the ceremony, veteran Bruce Heisey reminded the audience that MBTS lost 19 men to war, including WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War.  Following the ceremony, Principal Willis had the great honor of showing the veterans the beautiful Memorial display cases in the new school building's "Hub" aka the front lobby.  As always, the MMES community also thanked second grade teacher Ms. Susan Gould who also served in the armed forces. 

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