Michael Scarlata Should Get Your Vote for Republican State Committee


To the Editor,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael Scarlata for several years and he is without question someone that truly works hard at whatever he puts his mind to. 

Michael Scarlata announced that he was running for Republican State Committeeman in the First Essex and Middlesex district which includes Manchester and surrounding towns over a year ago. 

He has a solid record of Republican activism in our district and throughout Massachusetts.  He was the campaign manager for Congressional candidate Bob May.  He has volunteered and advised numerous Republican candidates like State Representative Brad Jones, Brad Hill, Lenny Mirra, and a whole host of municipal candidates throughout the years.  Michael Scarlata is a highly regarded and staunch conservative Republican that understands that one party rule in Massachusetts simply doesn’t work.  

Michael Scarlata will work tirelessly to level the playing field.  Difficult, yes, but if anyone can make inroads to the Massachusetts political landscape he can.  I have the utmost confidence in his ability to be an effective Republican State Committeeman and I urge every Republican and those who are unenrolled that request a Republican ballot to vote for Michael Scarlata.  

Please visit his website for more information scarlata4statecommittee.com.  Election Day is Tuesday March 5, 2024.  Thank You. 

Sue Luckiewicz, North Reading