Michael McKinnell at Rockport's Mercury Gallery


The Mercury Gallery in Rockport is featuring artwork by Michael McKinnell this month.  A perceptive observer, Michael McKinnell (1935-2020) often discovers inspiration in the minutiae of everyday existence and revels in distilling the quintessence of a scene through his characteristic style and perspective.  Pastis is a splendid example of his mastery of perception, representing an integral facet of his extraordinary artistic legacy.

In McKinnell's work, we see the influences of Braque, Picasso, and Bonnard in his exploration of composition and formal technique. What makes his work so compelling, however, is his use of color, a celebration of geometry, and engagement with the everyday subject matter.  

Notably recognized as an architect of civic buildings, performance venues, and diplomatic centers spanning the globe, McKinnell played a pivotal role in the design of Boston City Hall during the formative years of the 1960s. Moreover, his enduring contribution extended to his position as a respected professor at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design where he imparted his profound knowledge and expertise for many years.