MERSD New Staff: ME Regional Middle School


Kristen Harding | Teaching Assistant

Kristen is a current MERSD employee.  She is transitioning from a daily substitute teacher/recess monitor at Essex elementary to a teaching assistant position at the middle school.  Kristen has been with the district since 2018.  She holds an associate degree in arts of health sciences from North Shore community college.

Ryan Hayes | Teaching Assistant

Ryan has experience working with students of diverse ages and backgrounds in both small and large settings as a camp counselor and paraprofessional.  Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University.

Jan Jonsson | Recess Monitor

Jan is a retired educator with a background in social studies and psychology.  She holds various degrees and certificates from Salem State College and Cambridge College. 

Jessica Shaw Marzi |Occupational Therapist

Jessica has many years of experience working as an occupational therapist.  Most recently, she worked at the Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Bradford, MA.  Since 2015, she has worked as an OT Clinical Education Coordinator at Project CHILLD in Beverly, MA.  Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Saint Michael’s College and a Master of Occupational Therapy from the University of New Hampshire.

Laura Meekins | Reading Specialist

Laura is a current employee of MERSD.  She has many years of experience as a reading interventionist and instructional assistant.  Prior to working at Memorial Elementary School, she worked at the Roosevelt School in Melrose as a Title I Reading Tutor.  Laura holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Salem State University and a Master of Reading Specialist from American International College.

Stephanie Quinn | Special Education Practicum, SAIL 

Stephanie is a current MERSD employee, working as a teaching assistant at Memorial Elementary.  Stephanie will be joining the middle school SAIL team to fulfill her practicum requirements as she pursues a Master of Education, with a focus on students with moderate disabilities, from Cambridge College.  Stephanie also holds a Bachelor of Science in communication disorders from the University of Central Florida, and an Associate Arts degree in general education from Seminole Community College. 

Nova Reilly | School Adjustment Counselor Intern

Nova has several years of experience working with students as a special education teaching assistant, counselor, and coach.  She has worked in the Somerville public school district as well as at the PHA Charter School, and Isaac Sprague Elementary School. Nova is currently enrolled in a Master of Education program specializing in school counseling at Salem State University, and she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University.  

Ian Whitney |School Psychologist

Ian has many years of experience as a school psychologist in New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts.  Most recently, he worked at Salem Prep High School in Salem and the Triumph Center in Reading, Massachusetts, as a school psychologist and private sector psychologist.  Ian holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Doctorate in Philosophy from Hofstra University.

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