Memorial Park Improvement Project Thanks Donors


The Friends of Memorial Park Improvement Project, Inc. would like to thank Mr. Ralph Bates of Manchester for becoming our third "Grand Slam Partner." Mr. Bates learned of our project and was happy to donate the funds to help finalize the dugout construction with very expensive stone bases which are needed for longevity and to mimic the beautiful town hall building in Essex. Mr. Bates joins Mr. Brian Kelly and Mr. Brian Heney of Kelly Automotive and Mr. Patrick Thorpe and Bank Gloucester who donated $25,000.00 each to propel the project forward. This first phase includes a new backstop and safety fencing, improved grading and drainage, and brand-new dugouts Our project cannot thank these individuals and businesses enough.  

In addition, we thank John Filias of Jeffrey’s Creek Land Contractors who performed a  massive amount of work during the excavation process and Joe Pallazola of Pallazola Brothers Landscaping who finished off the grading portion of the project last week and even brought in Clark Hydroseeding of Ipswich to lay seed for the spring.  These businesses are great for the community and were instrumental for the first phase of our project. We cannot thank you folks enough for volunteering your time and resources to the town of Essex and for the project. Please visit our website to view construction and to donate to the 2nd phase, the “Veterans Memorial Patio”.  (

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