MBTS Recodification Must Include Cell Towers


To The Editor:

On December 2, I decided to participate in Manchester’s Holiday Promenade.  I got my Promenade Booklet stamped at participating merchants in order to possibly win the 10.1” I-Pad in a drawing, that the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce was offering to a lucky Promenade participant… which I happily proceeded to win!

In truth, my actual reason for walking around town on that cold bleak evening was not to win that nice I-Pad.  Instead, my goal was to distribute a flyer describing the 5G pole that sits in the middle of Manchester Harbor.  Cleverly camouflaged as a boat mast, that 5G pole is connected to Manchester Marine’s building by many thick cables… not to some lovely yacht.

Ever since that pole was switched from 3G or 4G to 5G during the past year, some of us living or working around the inner harbor now deal with constant ringing in our ears, insomnia, fatigue, depression, memory loss and/or digestive issues.  My favorite radio station now becomes pure static as soon as I pass the police station and turn into Elm Street where I live.  All, or much, of this technological chaos is apparently thanks to the 5G radiation that now surrounds many of us inhabiting this bucolic seaside town.

If you are wondering...5G stands for the Fifth Generation of wireless cellular technology.  This technology requires an unprecedentedly high number of new cellular antennas; up to one new antenna on every block in some urban downtown areas.

My flyer, titled, Do Manchester’s Current or Proposed Zoning Regulations Include Cell Tower Restrictions? asks some additional questions:

  • How high are daily EMF radiation levels on Ashland Ave, Central, Proctor, Elm and Bridge Streets and on Gale’s, Tuck’s and Smith’s Points?
  • Who monitors these EMF levels?
  • How much rental income is received from housing this pole?
  • Did the town of Manchester approve the initial installation of this tower?
  • Were townspeople notified when the pole’s power was switched to 5G?
  • Does the town receive any compensation from the tower’s owner or from the tower’s landlord for the potential or ongoing adverse health impact on town residents? 

For those interested in learning more about 5G, here are some resources:

EMF Hazards Summit 2023: https://emfhazards.com/

Radiation Health Risks: https://www.radiationhealthrisks.com/

 For those interested in discussing our local 5G radiation issue, please contact me at:susan@bustingbreastcancer.com

Susan Wadia-Ells


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