MBTA Zoning Board Of Appeals Governs Bylaws, Not Agendas


To the Editor,

In response to Adam Zaiger's letter in the January 14 edition of The Cricket regarding the proposed development project at 34 Tappan Street, I would like to point out that Mr. Zaiger clearly doesn't have a full understanding of what governs the decisions of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). 

To state, as he did, that the ZBA should make decisions based on what might be better for the town clearly demonstrates a lack of knowledge how the ZBA must operate.  The ZBA is governed by, and only by, the Town’s Zoning By-Laws and applicable state laws, not public opinion.  It is irrelevant whether ZBA members personally agree or disagree that a proposed project is in the best interest of the Town.

As a member of the ZBA, I find Mr. Zaiger’s implication of bias offensive.  As volunteers, members of the ZBA serve without compensation and put in many hours in service to this community.  Mr. Zaiger implies the ZBA is somehow lacking by not doing what he has determined to be in the best interest of the town.  It is not the purpose of the ZBA to "make things better" as he has stated, but to see that our zoning regulations are followed correctly.  The ZBA is not administered by “the few” whomever they might be, as he states, but by rules and regulations.

I would invite Mr. Zaiger to get involved and join ZBA to better understand how we operate particularly since we are always looking for new members. 

Jim Diedrich


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