Manchester Police Showcase Staff and Operations In New Video


Chief Todd Fitzgerald announced this week that his department has produced a video introduction to detail the Manchester-by-the-Sea Police Department and its role in the community.

"It's very important to our entire department to be integrated members of the community, and to be familiar faces that our residents can turn to at any time, with anything they may need our help with," Chief Fitzgerald said. "We hope this video can serve as a jumping off point for forming more connections in our community, and share an inside look at our role here in Manchester."

The video is available online on Vimeo and the town’s website.

Beside Chief Fitzgerald, members of the Manchester-by-the-Sea Police Department featured in the video include (in order of appearance) Dispatcher Katie Elwell, Sgt. Chris Locke, Sgt. Stephen Louf, Animal Control Officer Hayes Demeule, School Resource Officer Andrea Locke, Detective Mike Richard, Accreditation Manager Officer Ryan Machain, and Lt. Mark McCoy.

"Most of our role as police officers in Manchester-by-the-Sea is to be the helpers," Sgt. Locke, who oversees the night shift for patrols in the department, said. "I'm very proud of the people on my shift and I am very proud to say that we're here when residents need us. We'll be there when you call, especially and even if it is in the middle of the night."

Sgt. Louf, who oversees day shift patrols for the department as well as the department's Overdose Outreach Follow-Up Team speaks in the video about the department's efforts to connect those struggling with substance use and mental health issues to resources for support and recovery. The team is a partnership with the Essex Police Department, Lahey Behavioral Health and One Stop, a free prevention and screening service based out of Gloucester.

Animal Control Officer Demeule speaks in the video about the various responsibilities animal control officers have, not only to enforce laws but to educate residents about laws and animal care, and to share resources with pet owners.

"I like to be the person that is there on the scene to help, and I think Animal Control Officers are like that—we're here to help," Officer Demeule. "And that's why we chose to do this job. We're not just here for the animals and the love of the animals, we're here for the people too."

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