Manchester Playground Activity Kits


Manchester Summer Playground will be offering weekly at home activity kits. Each week, the kit will include a new art and STEM activity with all necessary supplies (with the exception of scissors and possibly small household materials), written directions and access to a virtual video from a Playground Counselor! The video tutorial will walk you child through the main activities in the kit and allow them to see some of their favorite Playground Staff. Each kit will also include socially distant play ideas. This kit is a perfect way to participate in a variation of Playground while engaging in some fun and exciting activities.  

These kits are for children 6-12 years old. These kits are only for Manchester and Essex Residents or your child must attend the Manchester/Essex District School System. 

These kits are generously funded by our good friends at THE HOOPER FUND. 

To register your child for these STEM KITS please go to 

If you have any questions about these kits please email Katelyn Orlando, 

Playground Director at 

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