Manchester Golden Agers Celebrate 60 Years


As reported in the Cricket on January 26, 1963 more than 40 Manchester senior citizens attended a meeting to form a social club.  In February of that year members voted on the name: Manchester Golden Age Club.  At first the Club met twice a week at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall, they then moved to the Plains Community Room, soon the afternoon meetings began to be lunch meetings at the Masonic Lodge where they continue to occur.  Originally yearly dues back then were set at $2.

In 1977 a philanthropic community member, Robert Francis Sanford, who himself had been a member, established a trust that would benefit the Golden Agers as long as they existed. 

Currently a $20 annual fee enables a member, 60 years or older and a current or former Manchester resident, to take advantage of six-monthly meetings a year.  Each meeting starts with a social hour, a lunch at noon, and a short business meeting.  The meeting ends with either a game with cash prizes or a guest speaker.  Historically the Sanford Trust funds 2-3 major events over the year. 


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