Manchester Club - February Meeting Report


The Manchester Club held its February meeting at the American Legion Hall this past Thursday evening.  Todd Crane and his crew served up a delicious meal including a fresh salad of mixed greens, the locally famous Mort Mayo/Bill Crane fish dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans, and a desert of Haagen Daaz ice cream bars. 

After President Steve Stasiak called the meeting to order and led the attendees to the Pledge of Allegiance, the Secretary and Treasurer notes were read, motioned and accepted.  Guest speaker Kevin “Muggs” McGonagle, former morning host of 104.9 WBOQ Radio, was introduced.  Muggs shared his experiences as a radio announcer and DJ on both the South Shore and the North Shore and shared with the club how his co-host at WBOQ, Dana Hersey, bestowed the nickname of Muggs upon him.  He also did a very good job of explaining the volatility of being employed in the radio business; he was fired several times including his unceremonious departure at WBOQ.  The membership and their guests enjoyed his talk and gave a warm round of applause at its conclusion.

The next meeting is set for Thursday, March 19 with details to follow.  For more information on The Manchester Club visit the club’s website.

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