Manchester-by-the-Sea Museum Acquires Rare Paintings by Local Master


The Manchester Historical Museum has recently acquired at auction three little-known paintings by the renowned Manchester artist Charles Sidney Hopkinson (1869-1962).  

Hopkinson’s works, largely held in fine-arts museum collections, are rarely offered in the marketplace.  The Museum’s acquisitions represent an important asset to the public and their access to great art.

Hopkinson, who painted in oils and watercolors, is best-known, locally, for his large oil painting, “Three Dancing Girls” (1923), on permanent display at the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester.

The purchase of these three paintings (a portrait in oils, a landscape watercolor, and a seascape watercolor painted from the artist’s terrace) signals a new commitment by the Manchester Historical Museum to acquire notable objects and documents.  

The Museum will be unveiling these paintings at its inaugural Bicentennial Celebration on Monday, June 7 at the Sharksmouth Estate, Manchester-by-the-Sea, where Hopkinson had his home and studio. Tickets (just 30 remaining) are available to MHM members (new or current) at payment portal at website at $100 apiece.

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