Manchester-by-the-Sea BOH: Flu Season Precautions And Coronavirus Primer


With flu season at its height and the state’s first case of coronavirus confirmed in Boston, the office of the Manchester-by-the-Sea Board of Health is providing residents with two primers on flu and coronavirus for those who may have questions or concerns.

Coronavirus was declared a global health emergency over the weekend by the World Health Organization, but local experts say flu is the more prevalent health issue for locals.  

Ellen Lufkin of the BOH Office in Manchester sent out the notices, from Interim Town Nurse Pam Ciccone.  They address fundamentals of the flu and coronavirus.  Both are from the Massachusetts Department of Health in Boston.

One person in Massachusetts (a student at UMass Boston who recently traveled from China) has been confirmed with coronavirus.  Experts say the best way to avoid both coronavirus and the flu is to use common-sense practices such as washing hands, covering mouths with forearms when coughing and to avoid work or school if one feels feverish.

Please see the notices in the links.

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