Manchester Artist Kata Hull Featured “In Motion” at Rocky Neck Art Colony



The Rocky Neck Art Colony is currently showing “In Motion,” featuring 37 local artists including Manchester painter Kata Hull.  The exhibition, running through August 20, explores the myriad ways artists explore time and movement - actual, implied, imaginary, or otherwise.  

This subject of time and motion has interested artists throughout history, from the earliest examples of overlapping animals running on the cave walls of Lascaux and Nike of Samothrace leaning into the wind. 

But it is in the 20th Century, fueled by technology and rapid societal change, that time and motion become essential subjects for exploration within contemporary art.

The 37 artists in the exhibition employ a variety of media, including photography and video, found objects, mobiles and puppets, paint, and mixed media.

Some artists evoke movement solely through formal means – carefully chosen shapes, color juxtapositions and mark-making or digital manipulation – while others comment on nature as timekeeper and climate change.

The human body is in motion, propelled by mechanical means as well as the natural movements of water, wind, sound and light.  Movement can be lightning fast, rhythmic, and repetitive, or gentle and mesmerizing.  Whether it is the thrill of the arcade ride or the optical play of light on water, the works activate our senses and invite us to slow down and engage with a world in motion.

The Artists

Hilary Bachelder, Katherine Bagley, David Lee Black, Jeanne Carey, Gary Carlson, Michelle Carter, Matt Cegelis, Michele Champion, Katherine Coakley, Alyssa Coffin, Dianna Daly, Francois DeCosterd, Maria Denjongpa, Ron Dirito, Carin Doben, Cheryl Dyment, Sarah Eiermann, Maria Galante, Ellen Garvey, Anne Gilson, Kata Hull, Ann Lafferty, Juliet Lockwood, Carmela Martin, Perry McIntosh, Brian Murphy, Margaret Rack, Judy Robinson-Cox, Tom Robinson-Cox, Isabel Santos, Lynne Sausele, Ruth Schneider, Sally Seamans, James Seavey, Laurie Simko, Fleur Thesmar, and Helen Tory.


July 13 - August 20

The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck Art Colony

6 Wonson St. | Gloucester

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