Louis Agassiz’s Intellectual Accomplishments Should Not Fall To Political Correctness


The following letter was sent to the Trustees and copied to The Manchester Cricket. 

Dear Trustees of Reservation, 

I have been a lifelong supporter of your organization and very much appreciate the fine job you have done in preserving precious pieces of Massachusetts real estate. 

I was shocked to read in the Manchester Cricket that you are going to drop the name of Agassiz Rock.  Louis Agassiz was a brilliant scientist and made vast contributions to zoology, geology, teaching and scientific knowledge.  Is it fair to denigrate Louis for not holding the same beliefs we have today about race when the beliefs that he held, at the time, were very much the same as held by many in civilized society.  This was no more outrageous than believing that the earth was flat. 

I am very disappointed that you have been seduced by the current passion to destroy everything that is not meeting someone’s definition for political correctness.  I am so sorry that you have decided that the great intellectual work that was done by Louis Agassiz is not enough to keep his memory alive at Agassiz Rock.  For this reason I will be dropping my unqualified support of the Trustees of Reservations. 

Regrettably yours, 
Samuel Cabot III 
Beverly Farms 

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