Local Artist Kata Hull Secures Solo Exhibit In Vermont


Local Manchester artist Kata Hull will be featured in a solo exhibit, Kata Hull: Thin Ice, on view in the Rankin Gallery of its St. Johnsbury, Vermont arts center through June 11.  

Hull’s 13 paintings and mixed media works on paper are part of her ongoing series exploring global warming and its consequences.

Conscious that the planet is heating up at an alarming rate, but aware of the complex political conversations that surround the issue, Hull describes her body of work as her own “personal expression of the perilous situation we’re in.”  Layers of colors, marks, patterns, and imagery invoke elements of earth, water, fire, and air.  The vertical formats suggest core samples and the stratification of incremental changes occurring over time. “Like shifts in temperature, shifts in human awareness have consequences,” the artist has said about sensuously painted work that is both abstract and specific at the same time. “What we pay attention to matters. Everything is related, often in ways we cannot see - like it or not, we are all in this together.”

Hull is a graduate of Middlebury College who teaches at the School for the Museum of Fine Arts (now part of Tufts University).  Past exhibitions include shows with the Cambridge Art Association, Chandler Gallery at Maud Morgan Arts, Galatea Fine Arts; the South Shore Art Center and the Bromfield Gallery.

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