Letter To The Editor: Vote Moulton for a Better Commute


To the Editor,

During Representative Seth Moulton’s seven years in Congress, Seth has put his all into not only improving America, but improving Massachusetts’ Sixth District as well.  He’s proposed bills to improve our country’s infrastructure by creating national high speed rail lines. Such lines would create a cleaner, faster, and more reliable commute to work for millions of Americans.  The process would create, by a conservative estimate, 2.6 million jobs over a five-year period.  That means no more waiting for MBTA bus connections from one train station to the next. It means cutting your commute down to a fraction of what it once was.  It means lessening our carbon footprint. 

Seth is a Marine war Veteran, having served four tours in Iraq and has represented the people of our district for seven years.  When re-elected, Seth will continue to fight for the people of Massachusetts’ Sixth District with pride, and that’s why I’m proud to vote for him this November.

Gelsey McCue


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