Letter To The Editor: Tuck’s Point Rotunda Piling Repairs


To the Editor,

The Town is being asked to contribute money for the Community Preservation Project of repairing/replacing the pilings under the Tuck’s Point rotunda. The proposed concept would raise the rotunda seven feet along with raising the walkway out to it.

This new concept will be extremely expensive and the highly elevated profile will not fit in at Tuck’s Point. The rotunda at Tuck’s Point is one of Manchester’s prominent icons and significant changes to its appearance should be carefully considered.

At the outset of any new project, it is important to look at different approaches early on so that a conscious decision can be made that the selected approach is in line with the available budget, schedule and esthetics of the locale.

We hope that the Committee will evaluate all the different options to replace the damaged pilings under the rotunda at Tuck’s Point, assign costs to those options and present them in public forums for discussion and questions early in the process.

Chuck & Joan Houghton


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